Case Study – Financial Advisory Services

Senior leader helps global advisory firm develop business plan and lead the charge into new market

Our client, a global financial advisory firm with in-market capabilities in over 50 countries around the world, needed help establishing themselves in a new area: restructuring advisory work.

The problem: breaking into a new business area against the odds

Despite employing more than 10,000 specialist professionals in a diverse range of complex financial advisory assignments, often with multi-jurisdictional complexities, the firm lacked someone who could lead their bold move into restructuring. Taking a long-term view, the firm realised they needed to identify a candidate who shared their vision of disrupting the market.

The solution: Maven Partners help develop the plan and identify candidates

Maven Partners took a deep dive into the restructuring space, establishing contact with thought leaders with whom they could test the firm’s idea. From this networking and market-testing activity arose a pool of potential leadership targets. These were experienced leaders who were likely to be enthusiastic about the firm’s strategy, and who could be approached for their thoughts on how to deliver it.

The result: market-leading candidate leads rapid entry into a lucrative new market

Working with tact and sensitivity, Maven Partners persuaded a senior candidate – someone who would previously have been considered unmovable – to work with the firm to devise a more detailed business plan. This new plan not only convinced the candidate to join the firm and lead the new initiative, but also secured an appropriate level of investment to grow the new business. The firm has since made rapid progress in the restructuring advisory market.

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