Sourcing talented, capable and experienced taxation professionals

We’ve built long-standing relationships with a wide variety of organisations from professional services firms to private corporations to financial services groups, harnessing our extensive networks and dedicated in-house research capabilities to help them find and attract the leading taxation talent, time after time.

Transforming local knowledge into global advantage

With a network that spans the globe, practices in numerous territories and multi-lingual research capabilities, we maintain a 360-degree view of the taxation landscape to spot emerging trends, identify new talent and ensure our clients stay at the cutting edge.

Finding creative solutions to complex challenges

Sometimes establishing a new practice or moving into a new geographical area requires more than just a single hire. Our clients make use of our extensive experience in multiple hires, team moves and mergers to ensure their expanded tax offerings get off to the best possible start.

Case Study

Completing the tax offering of a boutique advisory firm

We helped a world leading provider of wealth management services find a new Global Head of Tax with the experience and gravitas to become and agent of change within the business. Read more.

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