Covid Generation

10 Aug 2022

We are seeing more and more candidates searching for remote working opportunities, candidates now have more expectations on their working environments and companies have been thrust into adopting this style of working to remain competitive.

We have several generations at play here, generation X & Y who have had to amend their style moving from the office to home working whilst generation Z are moving straight into hybrid or home working and have never experienced full time office life.  Generation Y who tend to be in the key family forming stage see the new working methods as a way to juggle competing priorities whilst generation Z expect it to be offered as a perk.

Rightly or wrongly it’s the new future which does suit some personalities better and can improve productivity for some.  But will this have a negative effect on the future generations ability to communicate in person?

Communication is always going to be vital in our lives, what do you think are our future generations going to have a lack of skills or are we just building a more inclusive workplace?

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